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Casting Batman

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Finally back with a post that I teased on the podcast way back when we created this corner of the blogosphere Secrets of D.I.M. with a post in which I lay out before you my ideas for who I would cast in villain roles in my vision of Batman.

Now, first, some ground rules with how I delved into this. I will be continuing the Tim Burton films and completely wiping out anything that happens after them. This means that there is no Dark Knight trilogy by Chris Nolan, and sadly, I know most of you are disappointed I'm erasing Batman Forever and Batman & Robin out of existence. I'll give you all some time to go cry this off before continuing on.

Some of my other rules that I went with is that no characters that appeared in Marvel movies were allowed. I want all of my people all in on the Bat-train. I also did not discriminate in age. I have some older guys that I would like to have cast, but also some new blood from today's big stars. Obviously, the big one is that Joker, Penguin, and Catwoman are off the table as they have already happened (including one other indirectly, but I still cast this character). So those were my own personal rules when I was thinking about this.

Quickly before I get into the people I chose, let me say that I will give a brief description of why I am choosing them. Also, don't expect me to give a plot breakdown of my ideas, that will be in a later blog post (Although I already have some basic ideas of plots in my head).

Now in no particular order of my film sequence, we get to the castings!

Mr. Freeze - Michael Fassbender

To me, Fassbender is the perfect actor to play Victor Fries as he seems like he is a believable scientist as he did play a scientist (and android) in Prometheus. Despite all of your own opinions on that film, he was by far the best actor in that movie. He could totally pull off the scientist/revenge story arc of Mr. Freeze as he is also playing the main Assassin in the Assassin's Creed movie coming out.

Mad Hatter - Steve Buscemi

I mean, come on. If you want a small creepy dude to play the Jervis Tetch who can't find love, who other than Steve Buscemi would go immediately to the top of your list. Steve basically checks off every box for playing the Mad Hatter. He would be perfect.

The Riddler - Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne's resume seems he is destined for the role of Edward Nigma. He played a genius in The Theory of Everything (Hawking), was a demented and weird villain in Jupiter Ascending, and he also just looks the part. Not physically imposing, but able enough. He has also won an Oscar. And as my Riddler he would win another one.

Clayface - Andy Serkis

Alright, so hear me out on this one. If you need to motion capture any character in this day and age, as you would for a character like Clayface, who is the greatest mo cap artist alive? Definitely Serkis from his critically acclaimed roles as Gollum (Lord of the Rings), Ceasar (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and ... Supreme Leader Snoke (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Ok maybe not as acclaimed yet on the last one, but still. Also, look at Andy! I'm not saying that he is the ugliest guy around (um, Buscemi), but he seems the type that as Basil Karlo would try to change his face to stay the top actor around.

Two-Face - Sean Bean, although was Billy Dee Williams

This is the one I hinted at above. Billy Dee Williams was in Batman as Harvey Dent. He also signed on for the role thinking that in a future sequel he would get to play Two-Face, and I am all for that happening. It is just that he is such a likeable dude that he would be hard to take seriously as a bad guy. I mean, he would have to make a deal with Darth Vader before his friends in order for you to hate him at all. And who does that?

If we ret-con the Billy Dee Williams moment though, I would have to make Sean Bean his replacement. He could totally pull off an awesome Two-Face. He pretty much did it in GoldenEye as Alec Travelyan, but as a full on Harvey Dent. It would be amazing.

Scarecrow - Mads Mikkelson

Mads Mikkelson is a terrifying guy to look at. He just looks like a bad guy. The way he talks also is representative how the Scarecrow sounded in the Arkham games. Even though he was a math genius card player in Casino Royale as Le Chifre, that works for his role as Jonathan Crane. Diabolical, quietly calculating, and he can look scary. I would have him don the Arkham outfit as well. That is pretty scary in that game.

Firefly - Eli Roth

I debated using Eli Roth as Victor Zasz, but decided Zasz would be really hard to sell as a character in the movie without it being really graphic. As Firefly, Roth would be great talking with his Brooklyn accent he used in Inglourious Basterds, trash talking Batman all the time as he flew around with his jetpack lighting things on fire. He also likes playing sadistic people. So a natural fit.

Black Mask - Robert Davi

When thinking about who I wanted to play Roman Sionis, I thought about a gangster, marketable, CEO type character that liked to play villains. I then thought of Robert Davi, who played a drug lord that ran a country in Licence to Kill, and the gangster family guy of the Goonies. Davi easily does the "fancy dress clothes bad guy" routine quite well. He is also a pretty straight-laced actor which lends itself well for a ruthless businessman and gang leader.

Hugo Strange - Kevin Spacey

Since Kevin isn't averse to playing a villain in a DC Comics movie, he is on board. He also looks somewhat the part of Hugo Strange, but he also has a great propensity for playing bad guys. It is well known he loves these roles, and in my movie he would be the major player with a couple of henchmen under his command, of which my next two would be involved. I think everyone agrees that Spacey would make a great Batman villain.

Professor Pyg - Paul Sorvino

Even though this villain is lesser known and new compared to all of the others on this list. I include him because his story arc in Arkham Knight is pretty disturbing, but a great storyline worthy of being in a movie. I would use this, and put him in a movie with Hugo Strange as Pyg uses The Circus of Strange as his front. Sorvino would be my choice as he looks the part, and a good example of this is when he played Lips Manliss in Dick Tracy, which means he has done a comic book movie before.

Man-Bat - Kevin Bacon

I'm not joking with Kevin as my choice here. First, who's excited I want to put Man-Bat in a movie?! I thought about this one long as I wanted a likeable character who wants to do good as Langstrom is doing with his bat research. Then after he kills his wife, I want him to obviously be the tragic figure that he becomes. I would put him in the movie with Spacey and Sorvino so he wouldn't have to be the heavy lifting villain, but he could pull it off. After all, he was the villain in The Invisible Man. So this is kinda like that I guess.

Killer Croc - Michael Ironside

I wasn't initially going to include Killer Croc on this list. But then I told myself I had to include Michael Ironside on my list somewhere, so here we go. I wanted him to play one of the brute force bad guys because that's usually who he is. How can I not have one of the greatest villains of all-time not on my list? I would show his transformation in this so we can get some classic Ironside deadpan stares at people without makeup on. Get those in there, movie made. Doesn't need story after that.

Poison Ivy - Scarlett Johansson

I know, I know. I am breaking one of my rules. But so what? Obviously the best actress to play Poison Ivy the correct way, it is Scarlett. She is a bombshell and rocks the red hair. She will get sick of playing Black Widow since she never gets her own movie and will do this. And since Poison Ivy is my favorite, she will get to turn into a good person at the end, spawning multiple movies as a heroic Poison Ivy.

So that's my list of Batman villains I would cast in my Tim Burton Universe continuation. I will follow this post up with my plot synopses later. Obviously there are a lot of other villains that I did not use in this list. Some I would find it hard to get them into a movie, and some are lame (sorry Bane, even though Tom Hardy did awesome and I loved Dark Knight Rises). So let me know who you would cast or if you agree with some of these!

As always, thanks for reading,

Mike G.

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