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Rollercoaster Tycoon - World of Witcher

Time for that new post Ladies and Gents, this time created while at O Comic Con! This time, since the last rollercoaster tycoon post was extremely popular, this time hopefully I can up the ante. I had a Twitter poll of which park people would like to see next and the winner was my theme park based off the Witcher video game series, namely Witcher III: The Wild Hunt.

This park will look drastically different from the Star Wars one I posted earlier as this one was created using RCT3 as opposed to RCT2. The main difference between the two of them is that while RCT2 is cartoonish in nature, RCT3 has realistic environments and day/night cycles. Another bonus feature of RCT3 is that you are able to upload your own music library into the game and use as ride music and also use any image that is on your computer as a sign in the park. These two features make theme park building in RCT3 much more realistic.

So now let's dive into the World of Witcher, which features areas from the game with the city of Novigrad serving as the portal to the park. Other areas to explore are White Orchard, Velen, the Monster Den, the Isles of Skellige, and Kaer Morhen.

The city of Novigrad features many familiar taverns that you would visit as in the game including the Kingfisher Inn, the Nowhere Inn, the Passiflora, and the Chameleon. Dijkstra's Bath house is also present here so go in and take a look at the luxurious spa. Thanks to CD Projekt Red by releasing the game's soundtrack with the game itself, I used most, if not all of the tracks throughout the park, and this area features many of the tavern bands and jolly drinking music songs.

Every area in this park has at least one roller coaster and the one in Novigrad is called Escape From Novigrad and is based off a quest in the Witcher III where you team up with Triss Merigold and lead all the witches and mages in the city through the sewer to escape the clutches of the vile King Radovid of Redania. This coaster launches you through the sewers and you emerge from underground through a series of loops and up a steep slope, only to plunge in reverse back through the sewers to the station.

The second area of the park to explore would be White Orchard, and here you can find the world famous Temerian Inn, a Nilfgaard camp, and a couple of high thrills. One of the rides is a drop ride called The Devil in the Well which is based off of the monster hunt of a moon wraith in the game. On this ride, you drop down the well and come face to face with her. The coaster in this area is called Griffin and is a tall and fast hypercoaster that zooms along the skies before dipping into the trees.

If you head the other direction out of Novigrad, you could enter through a cave into a rocky valley called the Monster Den. This area is filled with rides named for monsters you would find in the game ranging from a Wraith, Chort, Fiend, Water Hag, Ghoul, and Royal Wyvern. In the center of the area is a restaurant and shop called the Ghoul Den, and here you can conveniently dine in the confines of a dark cavern.

Fiend is a vertical launch that shoots you upwards at speeds near 70 mph to the top of a tower almost 200 feet high.

The Water Hag is a log flume that let's you splash down into the swamp, while during the ride you come face to face with her in the caves before your drop to the swamp.

The roller coaster in this section is called Royal Wyvern and is an inverted coaster that puts you into a burned out valley full of charred trees and animal carcasses. (Disclaimer: I fully understand that Wyverns are known to not breathe fire, but I'm not too concerned about still creating an awesome experience.)

The next area to explore would be the first of two of the Skellige Isles, Undvik. In the game, Undvik is known as the home of the Ice Giant, and this section of the park is no different, as it features the massive hyper-twister coaster with the same name. Another ride here is called Siren, and is a spinning ride surrounded by the annoying ladies of the sea as they shriek in you disoriented face.

On the corner of this island overlooking the harbor below it is the famous light house where the climax of the game happens that you can climb up and get a fantastic view. It looks even better all lit up at night.

The Ice Giant is the second tallest and fastest coaster in the park that is over 250 feet tall and goes over 70 mph. At one point it zips through one of the abandoned buildings on the island as the story is the Ice Giant ran everyone off the island and destroyed most of the villages there. Near the end of the ride, you enter into his cavern and encounter him as he swipes at your train.

The other isle of Skellige you get to is the island of Ard Skellig and has the main village of Kaer Trolde brought to life with many shops and stores. A top spin ride named Berserker is also present here that is based off the men that have the ability to turn into massive Grizzly Bears.

The centerpiece of this area has to be the large trident statue in the waterfalls outside the village and marks the entrance to the coaster on this island called Skelliger Fury. This ride starts out in abandoned mines and sends you hurtling through a massive quarry.


It seems the most amount of time you spend in the game centers on your travels around the war-torn wasteland of Velen. It is also the biggest area of the park here, and has many rides that center on the terrifying Ladies of the Woods (game players, you know what I mean, and if you don't google search an image of them), the Witch Hunters which appear here as bumper cars, a re-creation of Crow's Perch, the Pellar's Hut, and the Inn at the Crossroads.

At the base of the mountains that head up to Kaer Morhen is Foglet Cove, a small basin that houses the splash boat ride and a platform that you can drenched on.

Two roller coasters call this area home, including the tallest and fastest one in the park called Wild Hunt. At over 300 feet tall and 80 mph, this is the penultimate ride in the park. It also comes in at a length well over a mile. The Wild Hunt are the main villains of the game, and this park puts them right at the center. Entering the park, the building that houses the entrance is immediately visible straight on through Novigrad, and with its height, easily dominates the skyline almost no matter where you are.

The other coaster here is at the back of the park, deep in the woods as you would find them in the game, called Leshen. This is quite possibly the coolest looking monster in the game, as it is a cross between an elk and trees... I guess that's what you would call it. Google it, it looks awesome. This wooden coaster (See what I did there?!) races through the trees and has a couple Leshens littered throughout it, even having one at the entrance to the queue line.

The final area of the park is the old Witcher School of the Wolf headquarters, Kaer Morhen. It is nestled up in the mountains and has five rides for each of the Witcher signs, Aard, Igni, Quen, and Axii, and Yrden. A great character meeting spot and restaurant called Vesemir's Hall is also here.

The first roller coaster here is the namesake of the park, Witcher, and it starts by launching you out of the side of the castle into a barrel roll and half corkscrews and down into the forest through many twists, loops, and turns.

The last roller coaster in the park, in the back of Kaer Morhen is a stand-up twister coaster nestled into tight quarters and also has many loops, is Alchemist. Every Witcher is trained in the art of Alchemy, and this coaster puts you through the trials to become a Witcher, testing all of your senses.

So that is the quick version of World of Witcher, I have a pdf that goes way more in depth of all the rides and shops and is pretty much like a theme park guide like Frommer's or someone would do for Disney World with a lot of these screenshots and more. If you would like to see more, hit us up at or simply comment on this article and let us know.

I hope you guys found this park just as awesome as Star Wars, this park is probably my crown jewel, but all of them are great. I can't wait to share the other two that I have screenshots of, and I soon will be starting my next one based off of the Warcraft series.

Thanks for reading,

Mike G. 

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