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RollerCoaster Tycoon - Star Wars Galaxy

Hey all, we've talked about it briefly at times on the podcasts that I am a little bit of a roller coaster tycoon junkie, and it designing rides is what I've wanted to do for a living for most of my life. The Roller Coaster Tycoon series of games has granted me that ability to live out that dream as a hobby as the job market for this kind of work is a little small.

Over the next couple of weeks or months, or however I get around to posting, I will showcase some of my theme park designs as Eddie pushed me to do, as not only are they relevant to a lot of pop culture that you and I love, but shows you the power of these video game simulators to create things you wouldn't think possible.

This week, I figured I would start us out with my second massive park I built, but probably hits a big topic of many lives, and the name of this park is Star Wars Galaxy. I built this park roughly around 2004 or 2005 using RCT2, and thankfully had screenshots saved of almost every square inch of the park. With all the news surrounding the Disney expansions of Star Wars into their theme parks, I couldn't help but laugh that I dreamt a lot of stuff up for it over ten years ago in my version of the world created by George Lucas. **Disclaimer: This is my own work and in no way am I claiming anything that is actually built as my idea, as I defer to the Imagineers of Disney as they are awesome. My park mainly focuses on the events of the original trilogy, so don't be afraid! There is no prequel action here!

First off, I will start you out with a screenshot of the theme park in its entirety, and you can make out the different lands showcased in my park. The various sections are Tatooine, Dagobah, Coruscant, Endor, and Hoth.

The park opens with the Galactic Spaceport that is filled with shops dedicated to everything Star Wars as one would expect in typical theme park fashion. However, there are some simulator rides here as well similar in name and fashion to the real life version, as well as the Jabba's Palace Hotel that gives direct access to the Tatooine section behind it. Also located here is the Mon Calamari Grille and Max Rebo's Cantina where you would be able to see his band from Return of the Jedi performing live.


If you venture to your right upon entering the park, you would access the Yavin IV section of the park that is modeled after the dense jungles and the Massassi Temples from A New Hope.


First thing you will notice is the two roller coasters that prominently stand up from the area, and those two would be Jedi (in Green/Black) and the Millennium Falcon (in Gray/Black). Other rides in this sector include a vertical launch tower called Lightsaber, a spinning ride called The Force, and a couple of motion simulators including one based off of the Rogue Squadron as shown below.

The tallest and fastest roller coaster in the park is no doubt called Jedi and is over 300 feet tall and over 80 mph in max speed. Starting out in a Jedi Temple, it then rises you out of the jungle before plunging you back into it making you go through the trials of becoming a Jedi, regardless if you are 'Too old'.
The other coaster is the famous Millennium Falcon, as the name just lends itself to a great ride of the same name. This twister roller coaster embraces you with a feeling of loops and barrel rolls, and even located out front is the ship itself (I know how it looks, I did what I could with what I had at my disposal in the game...).
Located in the center of the park, just like in the Star Wars galaxy is Coruscant, the planet wide city home of the Galactic Empire. This section of the park features most of the Empire themed attractions including two roller coasters named Star Destroyer and of course, Darth Vader.

This portion of the park has Boba Fett's Bar, the Imperial Palace, Stormtrooper Training Laser Tag, TIE Fighter simulators, another vertical launch drop called the Death Star Blast and other Empire based attractions. The Star Destroyer coaster has you make twists and turns around an actual Star Destroyer itself!
Darth Vader is the second tallest and fastest in the park, but is right at the park's focal point, just as the story of Star Wars is the story of Anakin Skywalker.
The other portion of the park that is adjacent to the Galactic Spaceport is Tatooine and is one of my favorite parts of the park in terms of how it looks. This section of the park has its own version of the Mos Eisley Cantina, a Jawa themed restaurant built into the side of a cliff, Bounty Hunter rides, and its own hotel called the Dewback Inn and Suites.

There are two roller coasters here that are both embedded into canyons, the first of which is Tusken Raider, a mine train coaster that zips in very tight quarters in the mountain canyons.
The second is called Beggar's Canyon, a corkscrew roller coaster that starts out with the style's looping nature, then sends you flying through the canyon and emerging out of it by going through the Eye of the Needle, a landmark most Star Wars diehards would recognize.
One of the more remote sections of the park lies next to Tatooine and it would be none other than Dagobah. Just as it appears in the films, it feels off the beaten path. Lush swampy jungle mirrors what is what Luke finds in The Empire Strikes Back, and you can even find Yoda's Hut and Luke's downed X-Wing here.

A water ride can also be found here nestled into the dense jungle and is called Geyser Grove. This ride is an original idea that I came up with to showcase the terrain and wildlife of Dagobah, since you see a lot of it in the movies, but it isn't really explained. The screenshot below shows a scenery/underground view of most of the ride, otherwise it would be hard to pick out of the trees.
Dagobah has an inverted roller coaster where you dangle below the track and it is another original idea I had and is named Swamprunner. The idea would be that it is to give the feeling of Luke running all over with Yoda strapped to his back going his 'Jedi Stuff'.
Located in the back central portion of the park is the ice planet Hoth. My main goal here was to create an attraction based off of the Battle of Hoth, and in grand fashion was able to pull it off constructing my own version of AT-ATs. This area of the park has other Hoth landmarks such as the Ice Crystal Forest and the Wampa Cave. It also has a ride named the Ion Cannon as well.

The roller coaster though, is the centerpiece of this land. It takes you through many of the motions that you see in the movie, as you fly through the legs of a walker, and as you tangle up one of their legs.


The final portion of the park would be Endor, or I guess to be accurate the FOREST MOON of Endor. But for simplicity sake, Endor sounds way cooler than the Forest Moon of Endor, so Endor it is. This area has a simulator called Speeder Bike Chase where you get to partake in that epic scene racing through the trees. There is also a ride named AT-ST Spin that features a large model of those walkers that are prone to slipping on logs, and also a log flume called Endor Logging Co.

This area also has two roller coasters, with a mini coaster that zips through the Ewok Village giving kids a great experience, because let's be honest, that's what the Ewoks were for, amirite?

Finishing out the pictures is of the massive wooden roller coaster named Endor Express, as the name just sounded cool and a wooden roller coaster flying through the dense woods of Endor IS cool.

So there you have it. That's a quick run through of my theme park I created over ten years ago called Star Wars Galaxy. I hope you guys find this interesting and pretty cool, and let me know what you think.

As stated, I have at least 3 more parks I will upload on here with some descriptions like this. The other RCT2 park that I built before this that will most likely be posted first is Metallica World, which is based off of the band where everything corresponds to their massive library of songs. My two recent ones done in RCT3 that will be shown later and are my crown jewels are World of the Witcher based off of Witcher 3 and my newest one finished a couple months ago, Batman: The Theme Park.

Once again, I love putting ideas like this out there as something I would love to experience, and hope others would too! As a theme park aficionado, this is my passion, so also if you want to talk coasters and what not, don't be afraid to hit me up.

Thanks again for reading,

Mike G.

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