Tuesday, May 31, 2016


First off, welcome to everybody who have been loyal followers of the Doug and Eddie Show! Part of this metamorphosis into Daydream Instruction Manual is this blog page that will allow us generate more content that we may or may not talk about on the podcast, and give us a chance to write down our individual thoughts on particular items in pop culture.

So what we have laid down before you is this page, Secrets of D.I.M., where we will periodically write down various things like movie reviews, video game reviews, opinions on things, maybe some think pieces and theories, and other thoughts throughout the universe.

Hopefully this becomes a fun little spot to take a break to and to get the gears in your head turning a little, and feel free to chime in with comments as well! We love to hear from listeners, and that doesn't change with readers as well!

So stay tuned, but I imagine there will be a blog post coming in the next few days!

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